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Most visits to your home last 30-35 minutes from the time we arrive. While there we will feed, water, and play with your pet. In addition we'll collect your mail and newspapers; turn on/off any lights, put out trash cans/recycling bins, and water your plants if you wish. Having Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitters come to your home helps keep your pet(s) on their normal schedule and in their normal environment. Plus, it keeps your house looking “lived in” while you’re away.

1 Visit per day (1-2 pets) $20
2 Visits per day (1-2 pets) $40
3 Visits per day (1-2 pets) $52
4 Visits per day (1-2 pets) $66

Please Note: Additional fees may be charged for services rendered outside regular route area, for administering medications to temperamental pets, for watering a large number of plants or for other requested services that are time consuming.

Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Sitting, Inc.
West Friendship, MD 21794
410-442-SITS (7487)

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